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Many newcomers have requested tutorials so I wanted to briefly address that as some of you may be feeling frustrated.

I can understand the challenge in learning a new program, especially something that's not only complex but a reimagined way of flight tracking.

Know that I understand the need for tutorials and they are a priority. I have opted to wait on spending the significant amount of time needed to create tutorials until the UI was complete. Frankly, I didn't anticipate how much of a moving target that has been! Those who have been here from the start will testify that A LOT has changed and evolved in the last 60 days. Any tutorial would have been immediately outdated when I updated the UI which may have led to a more confusion. Please keep in mind I'm a one-person operation... the stack of hats is pretty high! The recent explosion of new users (which is freaking awesome!) has also pulled my focus on new user support... I know, I know.. I see the irony too. :D

As an interim step, the pop-up help is there to jump-start your understanding and encourage you to explore. As well, the quick start notes on the beta test page are there to get you oriented. I have blocked out the tutorial area on the SkyGlass website and I will be dropping new vids as I have time to create them. Once a preliminary set is complete I will send out an email update to everyone.

Thanks for your patience as I work through the beta test and prepare for launch. I am so grateful for all the feedback and especially to the community here of mutual support.

Stay tuned! B]


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