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Real Time 3D Flight Tracking Platform

SkyGlass is available for Desktop and Mobile!

See the downloads page for more platform details.

SkyGlass is the first of its kind 3D aviation intelligence and flight tracking application. Featuring real time live traffic, historic flight data, 3D flight traces, flight history reports, aircraft registration database, PlaneSpotter image integration and much more. You can view military, masked, commercial and private air traffic, sort and isolate by aircraft type, jump to any aircraft position or fly around the 3D environment with a mouse, keyboard, touch or game-controller. You can limit your search area or show all air traffic everywhere as a zoomable flat map projection with an innovative relative height slider to immediately see various flight levels and altitude separation. Create a watchlist and see who's wheels up or on-ground. Use SkyGlass to track your favorite aircraft, favorite type and favorite locations all in an "insanely cool" dynamic 3D interface. An amazing intelligence tool for flight trackers, flight instructors, pilots, plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts.

Join the SkyGlass Crew!

Join the SkyGlass Crew and become part of the revolution in flight tracking technology!  The Crew's input helps shape the future of SkyGlass by helping us test ideas, vote on features and more. You'll also be first in line to see what's new.

To join the Crew first create a Login at the top right.  Next apply for access in the Crew Lounge. Everyone gets in!


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