CURRENT RELEASE: SkyGlass v1.3.0


After you download and install the SkyGlass app, there will be a shortcut on both the Start Menu and on your desktop. Use either to launch the app.

The newest Windows Installer will automatically uninstall SkyGlass. 

However, if the installer asked you to first uninstall, do so by using the "Add or Remove Programs" systems setting, which can be found through the search bar at the bottom left of most windows systems.

Mac users should delete any older versions of the SkyGlass app before downloading.

For a more secure and easier experience, Mac users no longer have an installer pkg. The app comes as zip file.

Once downloaded,  move the app from the downloads folder into your applications folder.

Upgrading from v1.1?

If you are upgrading from version 1.1, the initial release of SkyGlass and you do not take the following steps you may lose your watchlist when you install the new version of SkyGlass.

You will need to extract your watchlist aircraft from the SkyGlass preferences file BEFORE YOU upgrade. Here is how to find the SkyGlass preferences file and extract your watchlist from v1.1 of the SkyGlass app:

Find the SkyGlass_psd.txt file depending on your hardware.


Here is the path to the prefs file on Windows using the Windows File Explorer. (Note you will need to "Show Hidden Files" in order to see the AppData folder.):

This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > [ computer username ] > AppData > LocalLow > AviarLabs > SkyGlass > SkyGlass_psd.txt

Here is the path to the prefs file on Mac using the Finder:

[Hard drive] > Users > [ computer username ] > Library > Application Support > AviarLabs > SkyGlass > SkyGlass_psd.txt


Open the SkyGlass_psd.txt fie in any text editor. In the text file, find and copy the text string that starts with the hex codes of your watchlist aircraft. You will see each watchlist aircraft are separated by a "|", and some may have callsign detail. Copy from the first hex code through the last and paste that text into a new text file using your text editor and save it as a plain text file.

To import the list back into SkyGlass, copy from the first hex code through the last and paste that into the Watchlist input field (click the "+" in the watchlist header) and press the Banner-+ button to the left of the input field. When you refresh your watchlist, the new aircraft will appear.