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UNLOCKS PROCESSED! ... also Everyone is activated!

I have processed all the backlog of Unlock Forms in one step. Automation in baby steps! Thanks for everyone's patience. Next time you login (unless you have auto login enabled) you will see an updated end date for your account. If anyone's look's wrong reach out to me using the Contact Us chat widget.... please don't post here as it will take longer for me to respond.

If you have auto-login enabled and you want to confirm your end date, click on the profile button in the main button stack (lil head icon), log out and log back in and your end date will show below the welcome screen buttons.

I also manually activated all the accounts that were waiting for a email activation. The need for the activation email is so someone could not cheat the system and endlessly create temporary accounts. However, I'm currently working to automatically create a SkyGlass accounts when you subscribe. I'll get there!

Thanks again for your patience and support.

Horace Wick
Unknown member
Feb 26, 2022

Thank you!


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