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Feeders are awesome. Be awesome.


If you don’t already know, feeders make it all go. The data stream that drives SkyGlass comes from folks just like you, with gear like this which feed the crowd sourced ADSB Exchange system. Becoming awesome has never been easier with these plug-n-play SkyBox units.


Includes a year of access to the SkyGlass platform!


BreathMint Mobile ADSBx feeder unit comes complete with all hardware pre-assembled* in a go-bag-ready state. Plug and play. Can be used for 8+ hours with included and pre-charged battery pack, or use the included USB wall charger for when you're not on the go.


Wifi and mobile hotspot only. This configuration will not support multiple SDRs.


* There is an “assemble yourself kit” option also available. See the BreathMint Kit in the Be Awesome hardware line.


Unit comes with :

~ Raspberry Pi 2 Zero W

~ low profile pi case with power switch and heat sink

~ SDR Blue from ADSBx - 1090 ADSB receiver

~ SD card preloaded with ADSBX feeder boot image

~ 6” whip antenna with connecting hardware.

~ 10k mAh battery pack with charging cable- (powers the unit for 8+ hrs)

~ USB card reader adapter

~ USB wall charger with cable

~ Reinforced soft-box zip case


*Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

SkyBox BreathMint ~ Go-Bag-Ready Mobile Feeder

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