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HI!! I am reaching out for a little assistance... In an effort to expand my knowledge and skillset with skyglass ... I attempted to use the timetravel. I am now unable to revert myself back to seeing active military aircraft when I log in. Any help or advice would be sincerely appreciated!! Thanks for your time!


Thanks for reaching out. You can exit TTM by simply closing the Time/Date chooser. That will set you back in to Live Feed mode.. from there, to get back into Mil Mode you need to click the shield icon in the main stack. When you get into TTM you automatically switch into standard mode (not-mil-mode) as Mil-Mode is not possible in TTM... so, all you need to do it switch back out of Standard Mode to mil-mode via the large shield icon. You know you're in mil-mode when the aircraft icon is a Fighter and not a regular jet icon at the top of the main button stack, bottom right corner of the screen. Let me know if that helps!


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