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Unlock form processing update.

Hi all.. I wanted you to know that with the launch and rush of pre-orders, I’m backlogged with processing the unlock forms. More on that in a bit…

I need to say I know the onboarding process is more complex than it seems it needs to be. I apologize for all those who have gotten bogged down or lost in the process.

I am working now to automate the unlock form and taking steps to try to automate to account creation process after a sign up / purchase.

I expect to have everyone unlocked in the next 24 hrs. The rest of the automation is unknown but a high priority.

There are many who are not able to find their activation email from, and thus cannot login even though their account is waiting for them. I am working on a solution for this and may just do away with it if I can engineer a way to authenticate w/o the unreliability of email.

If your SkyGlass app login account is stuck waiting for activation, reach out via the Support form and I’ll activate you asap.

Thanks for your patience and persistence as I work through these growth pains.

Oh and one final note about connection issues… despite my own connection issues mysteriously resolving (fingers crossed/ knock on wood) other users are now reporting identical 50 minute outages in the afternoons. So, while I cannot offer a solution, I can say users who are able to use their mobile hotspots are able to consistently reach the login server when their local network fails… so give that a shot if you’re able.

Many thanks to all who’ve been reaching out with feedback and words of support. Thanks always to the discord aces!

More updates as I fix stuff… stay tuned.

26 févr. 2022

Hello Goa, I unfortunately am at the "Stuck" phase on Login. Nothing is happening. It was working fine yesterday.

Thank you in Advance for your Support and Efforts.




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